Our Structure

OlFresh International currently associates 300 people around the Pakistan. However, through partnerships, joint ventures and our supply chains, hundreds more contribute to our business. We are focused on creating magical beverage moments for our consumers, through innovation and creative brand building in our chosen categories of Carbonated Soft drinks, Juices, Energy drinks and waters.

Management team - setting and driving our global strategy

  • A senior team responsible for strategy and governance.
  • Responsible for allocating our global resources,

Our functions - building our global capabilities

  • Specialist operations, finance, HR, and communications.
  • Responsible for building common business practices across our regions.

Our regions - consumer driven and market focussed

  • 4 categories of beverages for our customers.
  • 5 regions headed by a Regional BUSINESS PARTNERS.
  • 50+ District wise distributors.
  • The 5 geographical regions that make up the business unit are: KPK , Kashmir, Punjab & Islamabad, Sindh and Balochistan.
  • Linked by common capabilities, culture and our global strategy.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work card with colorful background

Individual talents get magnified many time over through the collective lens of an effective team