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We OlFresh International are committed to make sustainable efforts towards optimum utilization of its resources for the best possible results for not only to safeguard the interests of all its stakeholders but also to fulfill our obligation to serve the Humanity and to become a leading food company in Region maintaining the highest quality standards.Forex trading click this link is the act of converting one country’s currency into the currency of another country for a variety of reasons. I am proud to be part of this successful organisation which is dedicated to doing business while living up to our Corporate Business Principles by being transparent, honest and caring for individuals and society.

I wish and sincerely pray that we stay rooted to our priceless principles and continue to serve people with the same level of passion, precision and perfection that is a trademark of OlFresh International.

News & Events

Olfresh Eid Millan

Date:     9th July, 2016.

 Venue:   Islamabad.

Naran trip

Date:     4th August, 2016.

 Venue:   Naran Trip.

Royal Event in KPK

Date:     14th August, 2016.

Venue:   Timergara

Distribution Inauguration

Date:     18th August, 2016.

Venue:   KPK

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